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Special Dogs Remembered

Pugs Over The 'Rainbow Bridge'

Hospice Doggies

These special dogs are considered unadoptable because of their age and/or their medical needs which in some case is quite extensive and costly. We have decided to forever foster them and give them a chance to live out the rest of their lives knowing love, compassion, understanding and what it is to be cared for. They will have forever homes with us.

To make this a reality we have started a hospice program for these dogs. These doggies will live out the rest of their lives with their foster parents and will be a forever family member. As mentioned previously their care can be and quite often is very costly, so to afford their medical issues, we/they need the support of generous people like you, without your support our hospice program would not exist.

Any amount you can help with is greatly appreciated, so if you would like to help one of our hospice dogs, please click the Virtual Foster Donation button on the doggie you would like to help. We and the doggies thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!



Pepper has been moved to Hospice Care. Pepper just had a dental and an urgent surgery done on her nose again to open her nostrils so she can breathe better, her legs in the rear now are really bad and she is doing swimming for physical therapy. She will be rechecked next week to get her stitches removed. She has a stroller and a tote we use with her now as is no longer able to use the cart that was donated for her, she now has grade 4 Luxting Patella's in both back legs the cart was for her front legs. Please cconsider virtually fostering Pepper by making a donation for her care. We need to buy housebreaking pads for her to use daily now because of her medical issues. Note if you are from dogster.com please put your name and dogs/person so we know who you are. PLEASE HELP PEPPER !!!!!!!!!!!

Pepper says "HAVE A HEART" Donate or adopt or both for my other foster brothers and sisters who have been waiting a long time for their forever homes! Thank you so much!



Yoda has also been moved to hospice care, he asks that you help with his on going medical issues by virtually fostering him or making a donation. By virtually adopting Yoda and helping fund his ongoing medical needs you make it possible for us to accept other puggies with medical conditions that normally would bring their lives to an end due to the cost of their care. We never want to have to turn a puggie or any dog away if at all possible.

Yoda is 4 years old he is going to go back for further testing, we will be contacting TN Veterinary school to see if they have anything new on liver shunt diease. If you can't adopt, how about being a pugpie angel and donate towards his medical care and vet bills.

Yoda says "HAVE A HEART" Donate or adopt or both for my other foster brothers and sisters who have been waiting a long time for their forever homes! Thank you so much!