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$10.00 in honor of Ms. Annie L Clifford donated by Pal & Tina Thompson.
In Honor of J.P. one of our foster homes & helped with anything, has passed away she did not what her name displayed but we want to honor her, she was truly a one of a kind dog lover, helper and friend.

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Adoption Fees

  • Pugs 1 year old & under: $300.00 (we prefer to place pug puppies in homes with other pugs)
  • Pugs over 1, under 5 yrs of age: $250.00
  • Pugs over 6 years: $200.00 (costs over $300.00 for vet visits alone)
  • French & English Bulldogs and the other dogs will be assigned an adoption fee base on age & health conditions

  • All dogs are SPAYED and/or NEUTERED (even puppies!) and receive a complete physical exam by a licensed Veterinarian. This includes all shots, bordetella, and they also receive a micro-chip. If you have any questions, please email us.

Special Dogs Remembered

Pugs Over The 'Rainbow Bridge'

Helpful & Favorite Links

Vacation plans? Looking for a doggie park? Have questions regarding your dog's health? Visit Doggeek.com your one stop source for information on Dog Sitters, Dog Parks, Vets, Groomers, and so much more

Paper Shredders DANGER - With a growing number of Americans concerned about identity theft and privacy issues, many households use papershredders, some of which have enough power to shred CD's. This has led to a growing number of grisly tales of injury inflicted on pets. In most cases, dogs and cats have gotten their tongues caught in the shredder openings and were severely injured. It is often times a deadly accident for these inquisitive pets. You can prevent this from happening by simply switching your shredder to the "off" position or unplugging the shredder between uses.

Pet Guardian Angels of America A national pet rescue and adoption assistance service also offering general and health related articles and resources for all types of pets.

Read advice on pet adoption, find shelter and rescue organizations in your area, get help with a lost pet, find a veterinarian or emergency clinic at http://www.pets911.com/pets911/linktous/index.php.

Search for rescue groups by state at http://www.petark.com/contactUs.pl.

Kentuckiana Pug Rescue is a non-profit rescue organization committed to helping all Pugs in need in the US states of Indiana and Kentucky

Educate yourself about puppymills and learn how you can help innocent dogs and puppies from becoming victims at http://www.prisonersofgreed.org/

What is Xylitol? Xylitol is better known as NutraSweet and Equal, and it has been found to cause serious, even life-threatening problems in pets. Consuming products containing Xylitol has been found to cause liver failure, blood sugar instability, seizures, and other potentially fatal side-effects. These medical problems may not show up immediately, but may develop as time passes.

Then she started thinking about all our pals here on Dogster and we wanted to pass on some info so you can all be prepared. Just in case. Of course we hope no one will EVER EVER EVER need this, but mom figures it is better to be ready and not need it than to need it and not have it.

Below are links to a few sites that provide some excellent information about how to prepare for disasters. And everyone, please... STAY SAFE!
written by Wags - Sydney


Who DOESN'T love chocolate? Dogs are naturally drawn to the smell of chocolate, as we are, but they are getting sick and dying from gardens that are covered with cocoa bean mulch. Read the warnings regarding the hazards of cocoa bean mulch:
ASPCA Warning.

"Avocado leaves, fruit, seeds and bark contain a toxic principle known as persin," says Dana Farbman, CVT, of the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC). "The Guatemalan variety, which is the most common variety found in stores, appears to be the most problematic."
The primary concern in dogs is with gastrointestinal irritation, including vomiting and diarrhea. Typically, these effects are seen in dogs who have scavenged on significant quantities of fruit or branches. Birds and rodents appear to be particularly sensitive to avocado, and ingestion can result in respiratory distress, congestion, fluid accumulation around the heart and even death. For additional information, please visit ASPCA online.

If you suspect that your animal companion has eaten avocado or any other potentially dangerous substance, call your veterinarian. Or call the APCC's emergency hotline at (888) 426-4435 for round-the-clock telephone assistance. For more information on poison prevention, visit APCC online.

We are a nation of animal lovers. But the shelters we expect to provide dogs and cats a second chance are instead killing five million of them. Take "A Visual Tour of U.S. Animal Shelters"

Helpful links to dog, cat, and breed specific adoption information.

Preparing Your Pets for Emergencies Makes Sense.
Get ready for an emergency now PDF.
Be prepared for your pets PDF.


The Magic Zoo [shopping]

Frank The Pug [this is an excellent resource to find out a little about the pug breed and their personalities and to understand what owning a pug will entail. Please visit this site and find out what being a pug parent means!!]

'Protect your pet. ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs'
ShelterCare Pet Insurance Programs start at less than $10/month. It's a small investment that will help you prepare for a secure and happy life for both you and your pet!

How to buy a dog - Information you need to know before you purchase a pet store puppy.

What you can do to help stop puppy mill breeders and supporters.

To order matching collars, leashes, and other pet fashions, visit Dog Collars, Cat Collars, Snoods and More!

Visit the Animal Den at http://www.animalden.com and shop for animal-related gift items and products.


Donate a Bed
We use Patented Kuranda Dog Beds because they are durable, chew proof and easy to clean. If you would like to donate a bed to us, click here.

dog leashes
Oprah just named The Pup Crawl Lights-Up Leash to her influential "O List" – a collection of items that her tastemakers feel are just fantastic. Just click on the image to your left and if you purchase a "Lights-Up Leash", Tuckers Way Rescue will receive $3.00. What a great way to keep your dog safe and help us!

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