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Bugs, a.k.a. "Tank"

"Tank" was born hydrocephalic and with a congenital heart defect. The breeder couldn't sell him and didn't want to spend any money to help him so she was going to have him put to sleep. I intervened and told her that I wanted him. She gave him to me and his treatments and medications began. His hydrocephalus never worsened (much to the amazement of my previous boss, "Tank's" veterinarian) and while he was here he lived a happy, healthy lifestyle for a little guy with a heart defect. This past May my little "pug-angel" fell ill from the heart defect and I had to prove my love and my loyalty to him. I had to make the decision that we all dread. The entire veterinary staff of Colonial Heights Veterinary Hospital took a moment to be with "Tank" when he went to be with God. I held him in my arms while he was euthanized. I miss him very much, but I feel so lucky that God chose me to have "Tank" while he was here on earth. I couldn't have received anything that would have been more precious to me! ~ Jen Smith