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$10.00 in honor of Ms. Annie L Clifford donated by Pal & Tina Thompson.
In Honor of J.P. one of our foster homes & helped with anything, has passed away she did not what her name displayed but we want to honor her, she was truly a one of a kind dog lover, helper and friend.


NO Greenies, they are dangerous! We do not use these with our dogs anymore as they have been shown to be dangerous.

Rainbow Bridge



BJ went to the rainbow bridge 2011
Rest well, your battle is over.

While they're all special, during his time with us, BJ gave so much. He was always ready to run and play with his pug family, carrying on like a young pup half his size and age. And up until his last moment, he was always generous with his love and remained our constant companion, ready at a moment's notice to go for a walk or play in the back yard.

While he and we suffered each time we lost one of his 4 brother and sister bassets to the Rainbow Bridge, it made us appreciate and value much more, the remaining happy and joy-filled days waiting to be shared.

Unfortunately, after many frustrating vet visits and struggles to make him well, we realized much too late what was needed medically that may have healed his body and extended his precious life.

We will always hold tightly to our special BJ memories and feel some comfort knowing he has now joined Brandy, Dixie, Sam and Roscoe in a very special place.



Roscoe went to the rainbow bridge 8/20/2010
Sleep well, you fought a good fight.

Roscoe celebrated his birthday on 8/15 2010 and was doing ok, he had turned 14 years old ... He passed away 8/20/2010. We miss him so much but we are grateful to have had him in our lives.



Update - Roxanne went to the rainbow bridge 4/6/2007
Rest peacefully our little pug angel.

Have a heart and donate in my name for the pug rescue. Roaxanne, a 3 1/2 year old fawn female, she was a sweet lovable pug and any donations in her name will help with our vet bills so we can rescue more pugs in need. Roxanne thanks you and we thank you.


Prissy Girl

Prissy Girl crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on 9/08/2006
Rest peacefully our little pug angel.

She lived a long, happy life with her family and passed away peacefully in her sleep. Her mom says, "She was the best girl in the whole world. There will never be another one like her."



Scooby was one of our special fosters that found a great home and enjoyed being cherished. He developed a cyst which was removed and Scooby was stitched up and sent home to recuperate. His stitches came loose. We took him in to get them restitched, but they noticed his cyst was already growing back. So they decided to take a closer look and while he was under anesthesia Scooby went into cardiac arrest and we lost him. He is greatly missed both by his new Mom and us. Heaven has a special angel named Scooby!
We Love & Miss you Scooby ...



Hanna - Rest in peace little angel
Passed away January 13, 2006

Our little angel Hanna passed away suddenly after a painful battle from injuries that led to a lung infection. She put forth a tireless effort, and looked up at us as we gave her a last kiss. Our hearts are broken, but we know you are now at peace.